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We brought from $25,000 to $350,000 per day in internet revenue!

Our proven techniques will get you in front of your customers. We will expose all the critical technical and editorial factors hindering your website visibility in search results.

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We will review hundreds and thousands of pages identifying all technical and editorial tasks for your IT and Marketing departments to fix. Awareness of these critical factors provides your team with a blueprint of actionable tasks to achieve your best brand visibility and awareness.

Two Decades of Industry Expert Auditing:

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  • ROI

    Our Comprehensive SEO Diagnostic Audits are used by enterprise eCommerce with 600:1 ROI, each dollar spent returned $600 in organic search revenue.

  • Vision

    Current and pending SEO best practices being planned for deployment by Google will keep you ahead in search results results on Google, Bing and Yahoo! Get these critical insights in advance of your competitors.

  • New Customer Acquisition

    When your website is properly optimized with our 2014 best practices, you will realize significant growth in new customer acquisition (new additional website visitors).

  • Market Opportunities

    Make the best use of your resources, reduce IT/Marketing costs, insure against future penalties and leverage two decades of proven SEO knowledge and tactics.

Consulting cycle

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  1. Title

  2. Your Personal SEO Guru

    Our founder, Paul Bruemmer, will be your lead analyst and personal contact. An SEO guru, Paul has been generating web traffic and boosting sales for clients for two decades. Paul specializes in comprehensive SEO audits - the essential tool needed to explode your business.

  3. Comprehensive SEO Diagnostic Audit

    $5,000 one-time fee, provides a comprehensive roadmap with full recommendations and support documents.

  4. Optional Consulting

    $145 per hour, provides on call advice direction and guidance for IT and Marketing.

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